Understanding Mortgages: How to Get a Mortgage

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If you want to know how to get a mortgage, then the main place you should go is a mortgage expert. Your local bank will be happy to offer you a mortgage, but it is likely that the representative in your local bank branch does not have an expert knowledge of mortgages and mortgage financing. Your best option is to work with a mortgage broker that will help you get the best mortgage.

Your best mortgage broker is expert, knowledgeable and independent. He works with several different lenders and will assist you to get a mortgage by following these five steps:

Best Mortgage Broker Will Try to Understand Your Requirements

Your best mortgage broker will ask you a number of questions to determine why you actually need a mortgage. He tries to understand your plans for the future.

–           Are you the first home buyer who plans to stay in your first home for three years or less or more?

–           Are you buying an investment property, another residence or a vacation house?

–           Are you selling your house and buying a new house?

–           Are you buying a home for your child to live in while attending college?

–           Do you have a plan to sell in a certain period of time?

–           Do you have a plan to pay the house faster than normal?

Best Mortgage Broker Will Review Your Personal Information

A review of your private information will include your certificate name, birthday and social security number. In general, he will ask for your current address and a history of your previous addresses for the past three years. You must provide information about your income and employment and last three-year work history. Your mortgage broker will ask you for a summary of your assets and liabilities as well.

Check Your Credit

There are two credit reporting agencies in Canada that offer creditors with your credit history. With your permission, these agencies will give your broker with a summary of all the loans, credit cards, mortgages you have or have had. In addition, they provide a summary of your address and employment history. These agencies generate a beacon score that several lenders use to decide their creditworthiness as well.

Submit Your Application for Mortgage Approval

Your mortgage broker will contact a lender and submit your application for mortgage approval armed with the information from the last steps. In general, the decision of a lender will take between 1 to 2 days More details here: https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-get-a-mortgage-once-you-are-retired-2388738.

Review the Mortgage Approval Decision with You

When the lender has granted mortgage approval to your mortgage broker, they will contact you to check the conditions. These conditions will depend on your particular situation, but generally, the lender will ask for documentation that makes sure the details of your request, such as:

–           Confirmation of your revenue through payment receipts, employment letter or both

–           Confirmation of your initial payment, if you are buying a house.

–           Confirmation of assets or investments that you have.

–           Copy of the buying agreement (if you are buying a house).


The process for you to get a mortgage is simple and begins with the search for a professional, your best mortgage broker. He will know you, what you want and will determine which bank will best suit your needs. He will also help you understand how to get a mortgage and discover the best mortgage for you.